The Most Substantiated Rumor Yet…

…and sadly it’s not a big one.

So I’m keeping this one short and sweet. After the first round of UFA signings and half the teams in the league suffering from cap issues, what we’re going to see over the next few days (probably starting Monday) are numerous cap shedding trades. Look for picks to come San Jose’s way as guys like Cheech are unloaded. Also look for some low-salary guys to come aboard as part of the effort to fill out our roster, the first of which will likely by Scott Nichols, the Nashville center famous for his cheap shots and continuous taking of penalties (more stupid than game changing).

See the article from widely-respected Shark’s analyst Dave Pollack. If it happens, it will be a solid replacement for ‘Oh My Goc’ and allow us a stable role-player for about $300k less, while adding physical support to be delivered by someone other than Murray. But do the Sharks need this? He isn’t a big goal scorer, and his conduct has been less than exceptional (see the video).

All of the upcoming cap shedding is rumored to be the first step of the previously announced ‘shake-up’ trade (think Heatley). Regardless, it will be nice to have someone on the ice who can piss enough people off to distract the opposition and allow our big scorers a little more room. Who knows, maybe Joe will be able to take on less than three guys every time he touches the puck. Anyway I will be sure to post anything else I see in a similar fashion to the updates in my last entry, although you should expect the league to be relatively quiet tomorrow.


~ by mitchsolomon on July 12, 2009.

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