A Cup Within Reach

Granted, it’s not the one most of us care about, but the Sharks just announced the signing of five players. With this addition of AHL talent and thus the replenishing of our depleted minor team roster, it looks like there is a Sharks team out there with depth and a good mix of veteran players to be viewed as serious competitors. But what does this addition mean for the team we do care about?

Well the Sharks have secured a number of players who could potentially be called up to the big leagues if injury or any unforeseen circumstances require. To start, they have resigned their speed in Vesce who is an extremely quick player and, when he was called up last year, appeared to have some decent knowledge of the game and didn’t look absolutely overwhelmed. Ortmeyer has proven that he can hold his own at the NHL level, and played with Nashville for over half a season before a knee injury resulted in a return to the minors. Callahan also has some NHL experience, having played eighteen unproductive games with the Islanders. Groulx has little to offer us in the big leagues, but his Calder playoff experience will undoubtedly give a boost to the guys in the AHL. Finally, there is  Helminen. He has twenty-three games in Carolina under his belt (amounting to two points), but was fairly productive in Albany registering thirty (stats taken from Shark’s summary).

But to the Sharks as a whole, this move will make the trade deadline and the next off season one to remember. Woostah has essentially fielded a team that will undoubtedly contend for the Calder, if not go into the season as the favorites. This, combined with the experience of these recent signings, will aid in the development of our prospects and allow for quite a bit of potential movement. First (and we will get a taste of this in the beginning of the season), the Sharks will see which players are potential big leaguers, and thus might be able to salvage a few solid but cheap pieces for the roster. Additionally, with the imminent production boost, the Sharks will have pieces that will make for some depth trades (especially at the deadline once the proven players are obvious). Essentially, despite the letdown at DW’s inactivity this offseason, he has just assembled a legitimate stepping stone to the success of our future organization. And I must say, it is nice to feel optimistic about the program considering the cap issues plaguing the team and DW’s inability to secure sought after UFAs. Now I just need to figure out why Helminen is listed on San Jose’s roster and not Woostah’s.


According to Eklund on Hockeybuzz, the Sharks are still very active on the free agent hunt and progress has been delayed by the Heatley inactivity. But he claims that they are still talking trades with up to five teams, almost all of which involve one of Cheechoo, Murray, Ehrhoff and Michalek (the players who have been linked to the Heatley trade). Additionally, he is speculating on a straight up Marleau for Plekanec trade, which is absolutely absurd. You would think he at least try to make something up that is believable, like Marleau+ for Plekanec, Halak and a first or second pick/prospect (which would do loads for the program: the Sharks would no longer need to rely on Greiss, Marleau is replaced by a capable top six, and it would leave the tradable assets in place in case the Sharks really are the rumored front runner in the Heatley situation. Not to mention Montreal has inquired about a Marleau deal each of the last few seasons and in 07/08 even made an offer, albeit they had Halak, Huet and Price).

Sorry it’s short today, and I’m working on the aforementioned departing Sharks page, profiles on our new additions, and maybe even a Ryan Garner’s always wrong section. Also in the works is a website that will essentially serve as a Bay Area sports social network/blog site). If anything else happens I will let you know with updates.


~ by mitchsolomon on July 16, 2009.

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