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Not a whole lot has happened today that concerns the Sharks. The team posted an interview that covers pretty much the same stuff as was in the Merc article I posted yesterday. The only item that really concerns them is a recent acquisition of Curtis Sanford by the Canadians, who have been rumored to be involved in at least half of the speculated Shark’s trades. No word on what it means.

On the Heatley front (and no, I do not support his acquisition as it would result in a much greater loss), it really boils down to this. Edmonton is ready and willing; the Sharks are in discussion and have a lot of additional trades and UFAs that would need to be sorted out to allow for it. Both teams are near or over the cap, and that would also mean a third team with cap room would need to be involved, further complicating/prolonging the ordeal. I would expect him to go to Edmonton in the next few days just to get out of Ottawa. However, the actual deadline is a while off, so there is no sense in real speculating beyond his likely future in Edmonton.

If you haven’t heard yet, the NHLPA has recommended players not participate in pre-camps, as their insurance will not cover their salaries. That’s the gist of it. To read more, visit this link. Also interesting are various players’ reactions to the recommendation, including Joe Thornton.

Supposedly, there will be more Heatley news tonight or tomorrow. Will update if I see anything worth mentioning


~ by mitchsolomon on July 20, 2009.

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