Four Quick Updates

1. Looks like the stage is now set for the Sharks to acquire Heatley as the Oilers are giving up. This leaves the Sharks as the lone serious team in trade discussions (despite having not made an official offer). Speculation has it that Ottawa is more interested in filling out their roster with Michalek + than merely trading for a player like Marleau. If this trade were to go through, Nabakov or Patrick would have to be traded for a cheap supporting cast just so the Sharks can have a full roster come this season (old news, I know). But, as a fan, would you really rather lose Marleau and our supporting cast just for Heatley, or would you rather see some magic and acquire more players of the Plekanec, Halak and Kessel variety without parting with our big three (I’m okay with getting rid of Nabakov) while just trimming some of the more expensive fat from the roster (Clowe, Cheech, Ehrhoff, Huskins, etc.)? I’m sure you know which I’d prefer.

2. On the opposite spectrum of the trade spectrum, many rumors have Cheechoo linked to quite a few teams. My speculation says that his trade will go through immediately after the ‘big move,’ once DW knows what needs to be replaced (so soon that it could be in the same post on the Shark’s website).

The last two updates have nothing to do with my beliefs/research. Read these on Hockeybuzz and other rumor websites; thought you would all like to take a look. Disclaimer: Both are rumors/speculation.

3. Supposedly everything with Kessel (RFA) is already finished and pending the prior trade with Montreal below.

4. “San Jose and Montreal are talking a much bigger deal. The rumor is Cheechoo and Ehrhoff for Plekanec, Halak, and a prospect. The Habs also love D man Nick Petrecki.” – Eklund

And for those of you who do not know much about Kessel’s past, and why he is such a good leader, feel free to watch this (it’s a mini-documentary, sort of).


~ by mitchsolomon on July 31, 2009.

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