Goodbye JR? Updates from Everywhere: a Post Full of Links

UPDATE: This morning will hopefully represent the closing saga of the Heatley soap opera: “A league source said Tuesday in Toronto that Dany Heatley will be traded to the San Jose Sharks “in the next two days”. Stay tuned.”

Heatley is in Toronto today speaking at the Canadian Hockey Summit—consistent with the city the source is cited to be from. Heatley, however, has so-far remained silent about the drama surrounding his name during his Canadian vacation, and will continue to do so during the summit. I would expect to see (assuming this information is legitimate) one of the other rumored teams involved to clear space (think Cheechoo, Ehrhoff, etc.). If that team is Montreal, I would not be surprised to see Nabakov (who has stated he will waive his NTC) or Marleau going the other way (although I am not yet convinced that the Sharks have trading Marleau high on their ‘to-do’ list), and the acquisition of players in addition to Heatley (Halak? Plekanec?).

Today is looking to be an active day in Hockey, with the NHL announcement to not pay players if injured during Olympic activities, Shannahan signing with the Devils, and Zherdev rumors abundant (finally a player not linked to the Sharks!) I will update with anything I come by.

I was at work all day and didn’t have time to actually write this up until now—so apologies for the tardiness. But today Sharks fans have some more news that could leave the team at an even larger disadvantage this coming year.

Jeremy Roenick will address the public in a press conference on Thursday in which he will likely announce his retirement. I don’t think I am the only one who was hoping he would re-sign at the minimum to give it one more go at the Stanley Cup (20 seasons without one). This could also serve as an omen for the next season—I personally believe he would have played another season had he thought the Sharks contenders. As fans, we are saying goodbye to one of, if not the greatest American player to ever strap on skates in the NHL. Hopefully he will stick around in San Jose and take up a spot as a broadcaster or coach and be a part of a cup-bound organization.

In Heatley news, the Rangers have re-entered the hunt as they expectedly walked away from Zherdev after the arbitrators awarded him a $3.9 million contract (the Rag’s declared their limit was $3.25). Heatley has still expressed a desire to play out West, but the Sharks have remained ‘officially’ inactive. The drama could potentially be over in the near future, however, as the Ottawa front office has grown quiet (as they have done in the past when trades approach).

Still no official progress in Kessel (my personal favorite to dawn the teal). Supposedly the Sharks are “neck and neck” with the Canucks.

According the Eklund, discussions between Montreal and San Jose are gaining momentum:

“They are picking up. The Canadiens have an enormous amount of time into trying to make this deal happen. I am told that had the Canadiens made the deal they were attempting to make last week with Florida the picture would be so much more clear. Unlike others in the media, I am not sold that Marleau is th guy heading to Montreal here.”(sic) –Eklund

As I am sure you all already know, invitations to Olympic camps have been dispersed, and here is a list of Sharks that could potentially earn roster spots on their national teams:


  • Joe Thornton
  • Dan Boyle
  • Patrick Marleau
  • Devin Setoguchi


  • Joe Pavelski


  • Evgeni Nabakov


  • Thomas Greiss
  • Christian Ehrhoff


  • Douglas Murray


  • Milan Michalek

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