Heatley is Not Worth Seto

UPDATE #2: Big day for Heatley. Could be a trade day. -Eklund

UPDATE: Looks like the link to press conference before went dead. Here is a working one.

Thanks to an article by Mark Christopher, the Sharks could be seeing an end to the Heatley discussions. Instead of re-writing the article, an excerpt is below:

Last night Bryan Murray made a counter offer to a San Jose offer, and had given them the night to accept it, so it seems.

While I can’t confirm all the names involved, I can confirm San Jose once again offered CheeChoo in the deal and Murray was quick to shoot it down.

The general belief is Murray asked for Setogochi, Erhoff and a prospect in return, which would obviously leave San Jose with some serious cap-issues still.

Early this morning San Jose and Ottawa decided to take a break from trade-talks. It was already expected that San Jose would take a break today due to JR’s retirement, so Ottawa fans don’t worry too much about the freeze in trade-talks.

Very odd, as mentioned on other sites today, Edmonton is sitting in the shadows waiting to swoop in if San Jose can’t get something done. What a weird situation it would be if Heater ended up in Edmonton after all this.

Been lead to believe that another team is in the mix, as Heatley has been contacted by Ottawa today….no word or even suggestion on who the other team is.

Others have mentioned Dallas and the NY Rangers, personally I haven’t heard anything about either team being involved in Heatley talks over the past couple weeks. But that’s just what I’ve heard to date.

Finally, two more great JR moments: the first is the goal that actually sent the Flyers into the conference finals, the second is his on-ice dancing in Vegas? He hinted at an appearance on Dancing with the Stars—I think this warrants at least an audition.


~ by mitchsolomon on August 6, 2009.

4 Responses to “Heatley is Not Worth Seto”

  1. Seto is going to be a no-sale for Wilson in almost any conceivable deal. Murray knows that. If he really asked, it is his way of cutting off talks. Both Garrioch (Ottawa) and Eklund) are not trustworthy sources for rumors.

    Montreal is the last place Marleau would want to go. Almost 1/3 of Eklund’s rumors involve Montreal. It gets web hits. He has never been correct on a Montreal rumor. Philly, yes. Nashville, yes. If you asked me to guess the destinations with which Marleau would be comfortable, I would guess Anaheim and LA. He might go for Vancouver. I don’t bother listening if the Marleau rumor is east coast. Vancouver, LA and Anaheim are non-fits for the Sharks.

    Kessel is a joke for the Sharks. They have Seto . . . for a lot cheaper. Kessel is a very fast, very soft, excellent sniper. Heatley and Marleau have more grit. Seto has a lot more grit but is less of a sniper.

    It is pretty obvious that DW’s immediate targets are Cheechoo and Ehrhoff. However, look at it as a game he is playing with an unnamed GM. He is forcing that hand by saying to that other GM that if he waits too long Ehrhoff will be gone. This is a poker game and all of the GMs are bluffing, read the bluffs. If I had to guess the name on the unnamed GM, it is Howsom or Snow, but it could be someone else.

    I don’t think Ehrhoff should be on the block, but I do accept the strong possibility that he is. If I were Sharks GM, Murray, Luko, Cheech and Clowe would be nervous and Ehrhoff would be nowhere near on the block because of his contributions. He has provided the scapegoat role for the team for two years and it is time to recognize that despite all the garbage he gets, he comes through when it counts. That garbage isn’t just from the fans, it is from coaches and sometimes his fellow players.

    The team that is lying in the weeds with plenty to spend is the Stars. None of the rumormongers watch them, but they have cap room to burn and an owner that has money. Use capgeek.com to find out which teams have cap room and figure which of those won’t use it. You can eliminate Phoenix, the Isles and the Preds as teams who will keep their teams near the cap floor.

  2. I almost entirely agree with everything you said (and am starting to believe you are one of the most informed/better Sharks analysts out there). I understand Eklund’s inconsistency in predictions (Garrioch as well) and have made sure to note who the rumor is coming from and always clarify that it is only a rumor and thus will be unlikely to come about. That said, our front office is tight-lipped, and if I don’t continually look at these then there would be next-to-no material to write about/discuss.

    In addition to the ‘untouchables’ (Boyle, JT), Seto, Pavs and Mitchell (potentially Vlasic) are all relatively safe on the roster, and will likely be deal breakers on any trade. Marleau, I’m afraid, might be traded. I saw truth in Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver because it would bring Patrick and his family closer to home; the one consistency you see with Patrick is a family first outlook, and a lack of desire for him to uproot those around him. My obvious preference is to let him stay this season. Come free agency next year, he will essentially have agreed to re-sign with the Sharks, and thus could be easily kept on the roster for much less than he is worth.

    Kessel I like a lot from his play. We have also moved players around (Marleau) to fit them into roster spots, and as an emotional leader he would undoubtedly be a plus. Obviously something else would have to happen first before he becomes a possibility, and there would have to be a lot of discussion between him and the front office to find a way for him to fit. But without JR, someone like that is needed, and would potentially shift players down lines, causing two positives. First, there would be legitimate competition among players to move up to the higher lines (productivity boost) and second, it would result in more scorers populating our third line (the weakness of the Sharks). Without a threatening third line, there is no cup within reach. It allows any team the Sharks are pitted against in the playoffs to successfully match their lines against San Jose’s, and thus focus their best defense on the top two. The added depth would also allow Joe more room, as the top D would have to play more shifts just to keep the lower lines off the scoreboard.

    Ehrhoff is tricky. I agree he has taken much too much responsibility for defensive errors, but there are many warranted complaints. Defensively, I would much rather see Huskins go, who is making much more than he should be. I disagree that Murray should be on the block for the same reason—he is making pretty much the same amount and actually contributes, not to mention he is the only enforcer left on the roster. I would say the best trades for the Sharks would involve Luko, Cheech, Clowe, Ehrhoff, Huskins and Nabakov (Shelley too?). If Nabby doesn’t go this year, I would really like to see a new 2nd stringer come on who could split time and take the reins next year (unless Nabakov learns to close his legs and takes a pay cut).

    I try to stay away from personal speculation unless the rumor comes from somewhere else. I do agree that there are many more logical trading partners out there, but I cannot even claim to be an insider, and thus feel anything I come up with would be leading readers in the wrong direction. I guess I’m saying that I’m content to analyze what is out there.

    Thanks Easy! I personally believe you are more credible than 99% of those who claim to be Shark’s reporters/bloggers out there, and if you ever have anything you would like to go up as an article feel free to let me know.

    • Figure that Nabby has a huge incentive to perform. If he plays like last year, he will be lucky to get $1.5mil on his next contract. Money and pride are big motivators for him. Right now, there isn’t better on the market than Nabby. However, Greiss may very well push him out.

      Ideally, the Sharks accommodate the 2010-11 cap in goal, going with a Wings-style salary structure. That means ?-Greiss or Greiss-?.

      Patty’s home is Saskatchewan, but his wife’s home is SJ. Her extended family is in SJ. IMO, Patty has adopted his wife’s family, not his own. He has no connections at all in the eastern conf. He played his junior time in Seattle (close to Vancouver). I don’t think he wants to be with Sutter again (and there are good reasons for that), so Calgary is out. No player wants Edmonton, don’t ask me why. Calgary and Edmonton are closest to his Sask. roots. The LA area is easy access to Norcal.

      The reason Murray was on my list was because he was 2.5min/game TOI under comparable salaried players. I do think Vlasic will be scrutinized by the team much more closely this year. Nothing will happen if Ehrhoff goes now, but Vlasic might feel a lot more heat. If Ehrhoff doesn’t go now, Vlasic could find himself in a very uncomfortable position.

      I do think they should do their best to keep their top dmen. Blake has a mind that is willing but his body will betray him. Even if they keep him for a year beyond this one, his body will put the Sharks defense in a situation of diminishing returns. They don’t have high end defensive prospects that are anywhere near ready.

      The Sharks biggest issue is rebuilding the farm because despite DW’s statements, he needs low cost high level talent coming in to maintain the Sharks competitiveness. The guys on the farm, including Couture, are not guaranteed high level talent. By high level talent I mean top 4 dmen or top 6 forwards. I could guarantee third line for McGinn and Couture and a chance for starter in Greiss. Petrecki won’t be a definite mid-pairing dman for another 4 to 5 years and probably won’t crack the lineup for 2 years. Go through other teams and you will find a lot more sure-thing prospects.

  3. I agree that Nabby will need to perform this year. What I would like to see is a new second stringer who can split time and then potentially inherit the starting job next year (something I don’t see in Greiss). But I do agree that it is unlikely to still see Nabakov on this team next year, and I believe the Sharks could bring up a less-costly second stringer from the minors (instead of Greiss).

    I went through the same elimination process in regards to Canada and Patty, which left me at Montreal and Vancouver. I don’t think anyone on the Sharks has much interest in playing under Sutter again, especially Marleau after they butted heads so fiercely (whispered disgruntled comments at each other). And trading him to another team in the West is certainly out of the question. On a separate note, I would still love to see Nolan brought back (he would play for nothing) and would bring some of the grit back to the third line.

    Vlasic is tricky—he has so much potential and made a huge difference his first year, but since then has really leveled off.

    Personally, I think what needs to happen was best stated by JR yesterday on KNBR. If you missed it, from his experience in the locker room, he essentially said that this team will never go anywhere. And it is not a lack of heart, but rather a lack of individual accountability to the players. The Sharks are too comfortable, and making mistakes is overlooked. If you are repeatedly making the same mistakes (think JT, Marleau, Vlasic and Ehrhoff), and you are not being called out on it by your teammates, something is wrong. JR was the only guy in the locker room who even attempted to do this, and without him, the Sharks need to entirely shift their mentality. Until this is done, they will not win a cup, period.

    Boyle I would say is the highest priority for this team and represents the future of the organization. Blake will be essentially in developing the younger guys (especially Ehrhoff) to fill his role once his body does give out.

    And yes, the farm system is in an awful state. The continual trading of prospects for established talent has drained Worcester and will prevent the team a steady flow of low-salary fourth liners. Even the most raved about players in our system have received criticism (look into how Sexsmith’s teammates have come out to criticize him), and some of our top prospects (Couture) could be a lost cause according to the coaches in the lower leagues. And as we saw last year, our trading away of the most developed prospects left the team crippled when the others were called up towards the end of the season. Any dominance the Sharks once had went out the window immediately when our third and fourth lines consisted of McGinn, Vesce, etc. This is also the reason the Sharks are feeling the cap—they need to pay established fourth liners nearly a million per season instead of calling up the low cost guys.

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