Sharks and Heatley, Kessel and The Real Problem According to JR

First, I would like to tell readers to read the comments on the last post between Easy and myself—a very good wrap up/analysis on the current state of the Sharks. I am also looking for anyone who would be interested in contributing to the blog with analysis, updates, etc. Not that I don’t have the time, but I would love to get other viewpoints on here (and encourage debate among the many readers). The blog could also move in the near future (or be hosted on two separate servers–potentially becoming a Sharks blog on a general hockey site).

Now for Heatley. This is according to Eklund (rumor). I personally am happy with the news if it is true, and would love to see Kessel on the second line, thus delegating established scoring talent to the lower lines while instigating competition (think production) in those lower lines/AHL. Once again, this is discussed in more depth in the comments on the last blog, and is one of the keys to Stanley Cup success.

“*The Sharks have been unable to make the one deal that was needed to get this done and I am told are shifting their focus to Phil Kessel and the deal that has been reportedly waiting in the wings since last week.. (However, I am not ready to write off the Sharks yet for Heatley)

Meanwhile, the two original favorites, The Wild and the Rangers are once again leading a charge. The Wild would need to make another deal (reportedly with St Louis or Colorado), and the Rangers would have to be willing to give up Dubinsky…or so we are told. (I still believe the Rangers may be wise to wait this out and still hold a chance of getting Heatley without giving up Dubinsky)

The Wild really like Heatley and are believed to be offering more if the deal with the Blues can be swung. And that deal would likely send Harding to the Blues or Avalanche.

For all those out there, like me, who thought that the Rangers were not a possibility due to Cap restrictions, well…I am told that all you need top do is realize that the 3M that was going to Zherdev is gone and the Rangers will easily trade at least 6 back to Ottawa.

Who else could get in on this? a source has told me that while teams like LA, Dallas, Tampa, and even Vancouver have kicked tires….as of now they are dormant.

Again that is just one source (a good one, but just one).”

Now, for the Sharks real problem according to JR. Took the information from his interview yesterday on KNBR. Just going to quote it from my comments:

“I think what needs to happen was best stated by JR yesterday on KNBR. If you missed it, from his experience in the locker room, he essentially said that this team will never go anywhere. And it is not n issue of a lack of heart, but rather a lack of individual accountability to the players. The Sharks are too comfortable, and making mistakes is overlooked. If you are repeatedly making the same mistakes (think JT, Marleau, Vlasic and Ehrhoff), and you are not being called out on it by your teammates, something is wrong. JR was the only guy in the locker room who even attempted to do this, and without him, the Sharks need to entirely shift their mentality. Until this is done, they will not win a cup, period.”

One last thing: AlphaInventions. I just heard about and think it’s really good idea. Read about it on – essentially, it serves as a better way to find new blogs to read and allows you to search/jump from one to the next using filters.


~ by mitchsolomon on August 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sharks and Heatley, Kessel and The Real Problem According to JR”

  1. Umm if you ever want credability on this site dont quote Eklund at hockeylies, he makes this stuff up to drive hits on the site. Find better “sources”

  2. I always say rumor and whatnot. I am well aware of controversy surrounding him/his name. I post this b/c whether you like it or not, it is something to discuss (through emails, comments, etc.) I refer you to the comments on my last blog:

    “I understand Eklund’s inconsistency in predictions (Garrioch as well) and have made sure to note who the rumor is coming from and always clarify that it is only a rumor and thus will be unlikely to come about. That said, our front office is tight-lipped, and if I don’t continually look at these then there would be next-to-no material to write about/discuss.”

    This is not to say I do not look for everything else. When available, I post anything I see on TSN, David Pollack’s article, and anything else I come across. I always stay aware/look for news about the Sharks (hence the part of the post referring to JR’s interview on KNBR), and sometimes that means my looking at Eklund’s articles. I much prefer reading the other bloggers on his site (No not Garner, I cant stand the guy) but there are some credible guys up there, Mark Christopher for one (Ottawa).

    Regardless, I always enjoy examining the rumors I find, and classifying them as interesting or ridiculous (more commonly the latter, especially with Ek). Thanks for the feedback

    EDIT: Wanted to clarify that I believe it would be wrong of me to ignore anything I see. I always cite the source and offer my opinions on the likelihood of them happening. I do tend not to make personal attacks (although I made an exception for Garner – if you hate Eklund I think you would really like that article), and thus will not post “Here is the latest from Ek-Fraud.” For all its worth, he has more inside sources than I do. I pride this site on research and analysis of what I find in that research based on my personal hockey knowledge and that of those who comment/discuss with me. If you are referring to Kessel, the Sharks have a history of moving players’ positions around to fit the roster and bolster overall talent (in theory they should be moving often and thus what they play on paper is a non-factor), and i would much rather see him on the Sharks than Heatley. Thanks again for taking the time to read.

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