Sharks Roundup

So it’s been a slow couple of days in regards to Sharks news and any trade progress, so here is a little roundup of some interesting/fun links.

Looks like the Sharks are already ranked #10 in the league (courtesy of yahoo sports).

10. San Jose Sharks – No big moves yet. Rob Blake(notes) is back for another year and restricted free agent Ryane Clowe(notes) gets a new contract. Fourth-line center Scott Nichol(notes) comes over from Nashville, but the rest of the moves are all departures – Marcel Goc(notes), Mike Grier(notes), Brian Boucher(notes), Claude Lemieux and Jeremy Roenick(notes). More moves must be coming.

Remember when Joe had heart and passion? It’s hard, especially if you have only followed his tenure in San Jose. But Hockeybuzz blogger Jesse Connolly does.

Joe Thornton, in his rookie season during which he averaged in the neighborhood of 8-10 mins/game, got so sick of taking crap from Dave Scatchard that he decided to drop the gloves and partake in his first NHL fight. The crowd went insane, absolutely nuts. As Joe’s long curly blonde hair flung back and forth, the crowd’s intensity grew louder and louder after every jab Jumbo Joe, the 18-year-old rookie, landed. Every newspaper the next day noted that the Fleet Center, as it was known in those days, reached it’s highest volume in quite some time when the highly touted #1 pick threw down.

Here is a nice article that has already been posted here at Crash the Crease, but I still like to hear that the Sharks are in the first tier:

Tier 1: The Favorites

1. Detroit 2. Pittsburgh 3. San Jose 4. Chicago 5. Boston

No surprises here as the top group consists of the Stanley Cup winner, runner-up, conference semi-finalists, and two regular season powerhouses that struggled in the post-season.

Eklund is claiming that the Sharks are no longer active in the pursuit for Heatley, and instead are shifting their focus to Kessel (which honestly makes less sense in terms of the current Sharks roster). There are currently a few rumors floating around about other teams interested (the most comfirmed I can find being New York) but none of them make much sense. And as Spector hasn’t decided to address any of them, I find little significance. Maybe the Sharks could still get lucky with some sale shopping come the trade deadline. We’ll see what happens. Regardless of that, ESPN Rumors has chimed in about the progress (you can’t see this unless you are an insider, so I’ll post it here):

TRADES: For Heatley deal to work, this needs to happen
Dany Heatley | Senators
Every possible option of Dany Heatley heading out of Ottawa has been squashed.

To Edmonton? Heatley doesn’t want to go. To San Jose? The Sharks can’t offer the right package. A three-way deal with the Habs? Patrick Marleau won’t waive his no-trade clause. To the KHL? Heatley doesn’t want to go.

So what’s going to happen? Fox Sports’ Spector says the only way he’ll be dealt is if the Shark improve their offer or another team jumps in with an “incredible offer” — both unlikely.

So perhaps the Heatley saga will be at intermission until next offseason — or the one after that, or after that.

A nice little piece over at Sports Illustrated about goalie masks. Ex-Shark Brian Hayward too number one. Mask pictured below.


For now this is about it. I will continue to research and post everything I find.

Feel free to read this over at my page on Crash the Crease!


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