“As of Now, Nobody’s Our Captain”

A great article by David Pollak went up today:

“As of now, nobody’s our captain,” says Coach Todd McLellan — plus training camp dates

Patrick Marleau’s jersey no longer has a C on it.

“As of now,” Coach Todd McLellan said Monday, “nobody’s our captain.”

I had a little work to do on a Hockey News assignment so I headed out to Sharks Ice today for a quick interview or two. I knew some players would be around for the informal practices traditionally known as captain’s skates and figured it was a good time to get caught up on a few things. The captaincy was on my checklist.

I asked McLellan about it and he prefaced his answer by saying that questions about leadership and team mental toughness are being asked and addressed.

“Does that fall onto one guy’s shoulder, the guy wearing the C? No. It’s a collective thing and it starts with me at a coach.”

Full Story Here

I also wanted to add this. I feel it perfectly displays alot of trends throughout the season as well as clearly demonstrates the four I believe should be in leadership roles (in no particular order): Pavelski, Seto, Marleau and Boyle. Found it on the Sharks message board with the following comment by marbanasin:

“I loved it because of both pavs and Boyle’s goal. Pav’s was just like wtf he scored? It shows Marleau leading the team to a comeback after being down 3-0. And it also shows Jumbo messing up, bad reffing, and a Grier breakaway. In a way it sums up the season.”


~ by mitchsolomon on August 17, 2009.

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