A Short Sharks Update

UPDATE: Dan Hinote will be joining the Sharks this coming training camp. Read full story here.

Marleau, as he has done in the past, continues to run captain’s ice (and if history is any indicator, also pay for it). Some highlights:

  • Joe and Boyle did suit up, but were the last to the ice (probably not the best decisions considering they are likely the frontrunners to inheriting the ‘C’).
  • No rookies made it to the practice (probably working together for the Rookie Scrimmages against Anaheim).
  • Other absences were Blake, Michalek (who was practicing with the Czech National team), Vlasic and Mitchell.
  • Ehrhoff suited up with the team and participated, as did McLaren (although he left before the scrimmage).
  • Shark’s favorite Owen Nolan also made a short appearance

Mark Christopher has posted a new blog in which he cites Chicago as a potential Heatley destination, which could mean good news for the Sharks. They also have cap problems, meaning that if this trade goes through, the Sharks could really capitalize on a salary dump deal.

In other Hockeybuzz news, Eklund believes a large Friday trade could be in the works (namedropping both the Heatley and Kessel). The Heatley deal (with the departure of Ehrhoff) would cost the organization all of the remaining depth still on their roster, whereas Kessel would require draft picks (which the Sharks do have) and another salary dump.

That’s it for the last few days. Very uneventful since the Ehrhoff/Luko trade. As always, will update with any more news/rumors.


~ by mitchsolomon on September 4, 2009.

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