Rookie Tournament and Recent Developments

A quick wrap up of the three game sweep of the Anaheim rookies. Click the links to read more about game 1, game 2, or game 3.

In summary, however, it boils down to this. Game one, no one really stood out, and the nine-round shootout is a testament to that. Game two was the Petrecki and Stalock show with notable performances by Dean Strong and Kevin Henderson which lead to a 5-0 win. The third game was the most ordinary of the three, which is quite the statement as it ended with a final score of 5-2. Once again, there were no clear standouts. Some things to note include:

  • As previously stated, Stalock and Petrecki both played solid hockey throughout
  • Frazer McLaren had a great retaliatory fight after taking a big hit, but he did not post any points.
  • Ehrlich (who had a goal and three assists in game 3) stood out among the rest.
  • Couture did little to set himself apart from his competition
  • Taylor Doherty looks poised to take an enforcer role, which makes him a great asset considering his above-average skating ability.
  • Great analysis, pictures and stats from the tournament can be found here (at the time of writing, only two recaps were posted).

Now for a little trade and miscellaneous news:

  • Heatley: All signs point to his staying in Ottawa. There have been articles posted (here) that claim he could still be San Jose bound, but those ideas seem farfetched at best.
  • Kessel: He has officially ended talks with the Bruins, but the ‘experts’ continue to claim that Toronto is the most active.
  • Marleau: Supposedly (according to Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun) a deal is in the works about Marleau to LA, Heatley to SJ, and Frolov to Ottawa. Take it for what it’s worth, but I do not see Marleau being involved in this trade, or Frolov for that matter.
  • Matthew Dandenault was granted a tryout by the Sharks. Could be a great low-cost player for the bottom six.
  • Boyle was interviewed on Chronicle Live. Granted, it’s not the most entertaining of features, but if you’re like me then any official news is worth the time.

Finally, a little entertainment; below is a video of Petrecki’s huge hit from the rookie tournament:


~ by mitchsolomon on September 10, 2009.

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