About Me

I have no idea how often this blog will be updated, or what I will update it with. In short, I just felt I needed an avenue with which to express my frustrations with the Sharks after another tragic postseason. However, I am sure that this will grow into an avenue for the majority of my endeavors, although I might just start a separate blog for all of those.

That said, I want to clarify this: I have no inside sources. Everything I write about is either from my own research, being corrected in debates with others, and my own personal speculation. My opinions and posts are on the same level as yours, and I encourage . Therefore, if you have anything to say at all, feel free to email it to me. I’ll read it, and if I find it even somewhat interesting, it will go up.

But that won’t keep me from saying that you do not need to read this. Hell, you probably shouldn’t. I am really just preparing this so I have some means of coming back eventually and remembering where I have been and why, at the age of thirty, I will develop a fear of Sharks… or do Ducks make more sense?


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